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We build and manage rental housing for long term ownership in Toronto.

About us

Toronto Standard is a developer, builder, and long term owner of multiunit rental housing in Toronto. Our focus is on four to six storey rental properties that contribute to the urban fabric while providing great homes within neighbourhoods to young professionals, young families, and downsizers.

In founding Toronto Standard, we are betting on the long term need for more thoughtful housing options as Toronto continues its ascent as a world class city.

From the beginning of our development process, we select choice sites in attractive neighbourhoods that we believe will increase in desirability over time. We design for enduring appeal and build for long term performance. The result is high quality rental housing.

About Toronto

Toronto is rapidly emerging as a world class city. Over the past ten years, its population has grown by over 600,000 residents, making it North America’s fourth largest city. In that time, the city has also come into its own as a centre for finance, media, and technology.

Toronto benefits from Canada’s long term stability and desirability as a destination for high-skilled immigration.

We’ve built Toronto Standard with an eye to Toronto’s long term potential. We believe that Toronto will be a much greater city still in 2050 and beyond than it is today, and will do our part in contributing to its upward trajectory.

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