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Send us sites and earn big

We’re actively looking to acquire sites for 4-6 storey rental development. Introduce us to a seller and earn big when we close on a purchase.

What we're looking for:

  • No less than 60' of frontage (we're open to assemblies)
  • On a Major Street, which is any street highlighted on this map, though no further west than Kipling, no further east than Woodbine, and no further north than St. Clair

How the scout program works:

  1. Identify a property or assembly of properties that meet our criteria listed above
  2. Approach the owner(s) to gauge their interest in selling
  3. Email us to hand off the deal
  4. Get paid when we close on a purchase

How (and how much) you get paid:

  • You get paid via certified cheque, wire transfer, or bag full of cash when we close on a purchase, within 30 days of the closing date
  • You get paid 2% of the purchase price. For example, on a $2,500,000 purchase, you get paid $50,000
  • Note: the higher the price, the higher the commission, but the better the price, the higher the probability we purchase. We're looking for good deals

What you're NOT responsible for:

  • You're NOT responsible for putting any money down on a deal
  • You're NOT responsible for any of the associated legal and diligence costs that we undertake to complete the purchase

If you have a site to show us, please email us and we'll provide feedback within 48 hours.

Contact us

Interested in partnering for long term ownership of rental housing? We’d like to hear from you.

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